Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Benefit Review Series: High Beam Review and Swatches

Harroooo! Next up in my Benefit Review Series, the extremely popular High Beam!

I have wanted to try this little beauty for a long time, and while I had a 15% off voucher code for Benefit I thought I may as well buy it while it will be cheaper! For the full size bottle it is £19.50 which is a little pricey but affordable, and when considering the quality definitely worth it.

High Beam is a beautiful pearlescent pink highlighter which blends out to a gorgeous white/pink luminous colour. It is perfect for applying to the top of the cheekbones, the arch above your eyebrows, your brow bone, down the centre of your nose and also your cupid's bow. As you can see, the colour is still very vivid even when patted out unlike Sun Beam (another highlighter from Benefit I reviewed here) which dissipates into the skin a little. It lasts for hours on end when used with a primer and really does give a 'supermodel glow'.

I would buy this highlighter hands down every time over any other highlighter around. I have quite chubby cheeks with little natural contour and until I bought this gem, I have never actually had such a structured looking face before. Maybe you'll see me on the cover of Vogue some day. (pshh, a girl can dream...)

You can see in the picture above exactly where I used this highlighter, and it also gives the lips a beautiful contour when used as I stated earlier on the cupid's bow.

I hope you enjoyed this next little review! My last in the series will be up shortly.

Thank you so much for reading!


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Benefit Review Series: Coral My World Review and Swatches

Hello everyoneeee! Second in the Benefit Review Series I have the lovely little Coral My World set which retails at £9.50 from Boots.

This is a really lovely little trial set as sometimes Benefit products can be quite expensive and not everyone wants to pay £23.50 for a blusher they have never used before (full sized Sun Beam is £19.50) therefore this is a good way to try new products without having to spend so much.

As you can see below even though the products aren't full sized, you still get a fair amount of product for your money. The way I see it, £9.50 is like buying a jumper from Primark so it isn't really much at all ;). In the bottle, Sun Beam looks very dark and as though it would make you look like you've been tangoed. Do not be fooled! When patted out wherever you want highlighting (cheekbones, brow bone etc) it is a lovely sun kissed golden shimmer.
In the pan, Coralista is an absolutely gorgeous flushed peach colour, and on the skin it swatches the exact same!

You can see the lovely glow obtained from the swatch below. You can also see how even blended out, it still retains the lovely shimmer gold colour which looks perfect on tanned or darker skin. Sun Beam is a beautiful highlighter and when I wore it, it lasted on top of my make up for around 8 hours which I think is extremely good. The only thing I would say about this is I don't think it's suitable for very fair skin tones or skin with pink undertones. This is just because I think they would suit High Beam much better. However when you've come back from holiday and you have lovely bronzed skin, feel free to Sun Beam away!

Now before this little kit, I had never actually tried a Benefit blusher before (shock horror I know!). Coralista has now turned out to be my Holy Grail of blushers and I cannot live without it! It gives the most perfect peachy cheeks and looks beautiful on all skin tones, but especially tanned ones. It lasts absolutely all day and therefore for the price I would not complain about paying £23.50 for the full sized version. I know this isn't really a reflection on how good the blusher is, but it also has this amazing berry smell?! All I have to say is you NEED to try this stuff to see how amazing it is. It truly does give you a 'tropical flush'.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post, I know it was quite short and sweet but there isn't much else to say other than the fact I love this stuff!

Speak to you all soon,


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Benefit Review Series: Boi-ing Concealer Review and Swatches

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I have yet again not blogged for a while but I kinda hit a writing block and didn't really know what to write about, everything has been so hectic in my private life at the minute, but anyway!

I have a little series coming up called "Shopaholics Unite" where we all indulge in our naughtiness and talk about stuff I have bought which I shouldn't have done. I'm just kidding, but I am going to start some reviews of a couple of recent Benefit purchases I am splashed out on, so keep your eyes peeled for them :).

To start off with, the brilliant and fantabulous Boi-ing!
This is hands down my favourite concealer. EVER.
It is described on the Benefit website as being 'industrial strength' and it really is! It covers everything from dark under eye circles to spots and redness, so it is a good multi-purpose concealer that can hide a multitude of sins.
As you can see it has sweated a little on top but this is perfectly normal :)

It costs £17.50 per full sized pot of this stuff which I think is actually really fair priced to say it is from Benefit. I originally tried Boi-ing in the little sample size from the Confessions of a Concealerholic kit which was only a very small pan but actually lasted me a good 6 months! I can't even think how long this will last as it is very generously sized. 

I bought this in Shade 02 as I thought the lightest shade might just highlight my imperfections rather than cover them and when first swatched it does look quite orange, however when blended in it matches my skin tone perfectly as you can see below.

Benefit have got a wide range of shades in this product which is brilliant as there will definitely be a match for everyone. I literally cannot big this concealer up enough, it is just amazing! You can create a light coverage for the days you want a more natural complexion or build it up for a full coverage. The formula is waxy yet soft and feels like it melts right into your skin, but doesn't disappear! I can use this in the morning and 10 hours later it will still be there on my skin.

Overall, I give this product 5.5! It is absolutely amazing! Please please get yourself down to a benefit counter and try this stuff, you'll never go back to anything else :)

Thank you for reading!