Thursday, 31 January 2013

University.. To do or not to do?

Okay, I'm just going to say it, I think university is overrated.

I know a lot of people do enjoy the whole uni experience: the drinking, wild nights, new friends, education and independent living, however I think the whole idea of going is drilled into us so much throughout high school and college/sixth form that people nowadays just expect us to go.

If I could go back in time, maybe 3 years, to when I was deciding my future aspirations I would literally shake myself! I think kids are growing up far too fast with ridiculous expectations from school and as I said, I would love to go back and just say chill out Emily! Life is FAR too short to be worrying about your grades, whether you will get into uni, what you decide to do forever etc etc.

From a young age I knew I always wanted to be a Veterinary Surgeon. I was conditioned throughout the whole of high school to be goal orientated and thus chose every subject, work experience and qualifications to help me along with this dream. I even stopped myself doing things I actually would have really enjoyed (GCSE for example, I would have loved to do an art subject but instead chose Triple Science and History!). This was all because I thought I had to do things for the sake of my future 'job'. I did well at GCSE, obtaining 9 As and 3 Bs across my subjects, but the stark reality of it is that I simply was not clever enough for this lifelong dream.

When I chose what I wanted to do at Sixth Form, I hadn't gotten my results yet and so was still obsessed with this idea of someday going to Vet school. Therefore I ended up choosing Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. I absolutely HATED maths and physics. I will tell you now that I did end up enjoying maths at A Level, however I did shocking!

I quickly realised upon starting college that there was no way I was going to be a vet. I'm not saying that I am completely rubbish at science, but DEFINITELY not in the league of all As. In fact, I ended up with a C in biology, D in chemistry, E in maths at A Level then a C in physics at A/S.

So as you can see, when it came to applying for universities and I had already realised this dream job was not going to happen, I had to quickly think of something else. I have always wanted to go to uni as I have always wondered what it would be like to be so independent studying for a degree- neither my brother or sister went. Saying this, once I had to decide what I was doing instead of being a vet I was scared to go straight onto work or an apprenticeship or more college work. Therefore I chose a subject I did enjoy but wasn't a particular 'dream'.

I am currently studying at a nice enough place, and the course now that I'm on it is actually really interesting! I am one of the lucky ones. You cannot imagine how upset I was at the thought of not going to uni and doing something else instead. I am studying for a BSc in Equine Science and Physiology, which honestly I do really enjoy, but I don't have a clue what I'm going to do with it when I've finished my degree.

I personally wish I had gone down a different route to uni. As I said, I do enjoy the course that I am on, but there are people here who genuinely know where they want to be in life and I feel as though I'm doing the course just for the sake of it.

I wish wish wish that somebody would have told me to maybe take a gap year, find out more about myself and have some amazing life experience. If I was to advise anyone now I would DEFINITELY advise to wait a year or so to decide if they want to go to uni or not. £9000 for the course alone is a lot to throw down the drain if you discover a month after being at uni that it isn't for you.

Please, if you are reading this and you're in the same boat as I was (i.e. not too sure what you want in life) then I would think carefully about the decisions you make. I think 17/18 is such a tender age to be pretty much deciding your career and I just think that there should be more awareness of other roads you can go down, again such as apprenticeships.

To those of you who definitely know what you want to do- go for it! I think it is amazing to have a goal you can try to achieve and know in your mind it is what you want to do.

So at the minute, I am currently going to be 19 in February and don't have a clue what to do. I am much more happy right now to take life as it comes and just relax! You have years and years to become whatever you want to be and I think it is important to ENJOY what you do. Don't just do something for the sake of doing it.

What are your opinions on this topic? Are you at university doing something you really love? Please comment your ideas and thoughts as I would like to hear from other people's perspectives :)

Thank you for reading, I know long posts can be rather tedious!


Monday, 21 January 2013

Love Love Love

So for my first review, I thought it best to do one on my most recent purchase- a Topshop lipstick in "Infrared" :).
If you read Zoella's blog ( then you will know she has raved on about this lipstick for a while. I happened to be near a Topshop and thought I would nip in for a little retail therapy ;). I am not usually one to wear extremely bright lipsticks such as this coral-orange but recently I am trying to become more experimental with make up colours rather than going for the same old same old!

So yeah, enough rambling! This is what the tube looks like and the actual lipstick. 

I think the casing for the lipsticks are lovely, they feel almost like a cardboard kind of material, very transportable. The only downside is how dirty they get after being in my make-up bag- with eyeshadow fallout everywhere and other powders etc in the bottom, the packaging gets dirty very easily.
I think the label on the bottom quite accurately shows the colour of the lipstick, although the actual swatch is more coral I think than orange.

L-R: Natural lip colour, Infrared lipstick applied, Colour pay-off against my skin
Please excuse the last photo I know I haven't got any other make up on and my hair badly needs dying! I just thought it would be better to see the lipstick against my natural face :).
So as you can see my natural lips are a fairly pink colour, and with the lipstick on they are definitely a coral orange. The colour as described on the Topshop website is orange-red, which I think you can see. However maybe the lipstick against my lips is more coral than red because of my natural colour?
I'm not sure. Whatever it is, I do think Infrared is a gorgeous colour which is going to become one of my HG products! Especially in the summer ^.^

The staying power for Topshop lipsticks I must say is A-MAZING! Not including eating and drinking, this would last for a good 4 hours maybe more. The other lipsticks I own are the same, although Brighton Rock is more of a matte colour hence lasts slightly longer. The main selling point with this lipstick for me is the fact it doesn't cling to dry patches on my lips. It is an extremely moisturising lipstick as advertised but very pigmented which is a big plus! It means you can either sweep it on for a more everyday look or layer it thick for a statement/going out look. No matter what routine I try whether it be apply vaseline/carmex/other lip care products and regular exfoliation or using actual moisturiser, my lips are ALWAYS dry and cracked. I really don't know what it is.
Can anybody with a similar issue please suggest anything?

These are the other two lipsticks I own!
The other two Topshop lipsticks I own, L-R: Beguiled, Brighton Rock, Infrared

Beguiled and Brighton Rock
I will continue to buy Topshop lipsticks and Infrared is definitely a repurchase for me!
Would anybody like me to review these two?
What are your experiences with Topshop lipsticks, either good or bad? :)

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

An Introduction

My name is Emily, as you may have already guessed from my about me. I wasn't sure what my first post should start out like, so I thought I might introduce myself via my ever changing hair! You will find out I am forever dying it which, although not the best for my hair, can be exciting and is fun to play around with!

So we will start from the very beginning...

This is me rocking a very suave cut- it looks like my Mum's hair actually! Big brother stood next to me.

Then onto the afro hairstyle- I don't ever remember my hair being this curly haha! I wish it still was.. Not sure who this is holding me actually.

Awww this is cute! Look at my curly ends! You can see the curls dropping out now. 

Apparently being taught to clap by one of my Aunties. Here my curls have started to drop out and it's a lot darker now than when I'm older. Baby blue eyes! I think I'm toddler age here like 12-24 months.

 Introduction of the 'bob'! My hair is actually really light here! Only about 3/4.

 I think this was a primary school Christmas concert thing. I'm supposed to be a clockwork ballerina. Fringe is in! I remember being about 7 here in Mr Whyman's class!

I don't think I could tell you what this hairstyle is. Was it actually ever a fashion to wear clips like that?! Hair is dark brown again. Must have been around 9/10.

I don't think the greasy bob look is working for me here haha! Must be about 11/12 here!

Awww with Cassie, one of the horses I used to look after. Still only very young here! 13 going on 14. Not sure what is going on with the massive pink clip but never mind!

Getting a bit more posey here! 14 going on 15 and 'coming into my own' a bit more. This is when I started wearing eyeliner!

 Eating sushi! Still only 15 here I think but had a side fringe and it's still growing out from the bob!

Still 15, got a proper combover emo fringe going on here!

Haha geeky little 'Skins' picture here. See that boy laid on me with the curly hair? He's been my boyfriend of 3 and a half years now! *cue the awwww*

 Still as much of a nerd as ever, pulling silly faces with my two friends! First time I dyed my hair here, an iced chocolate colour.

With my best friend in Australia! Going on 16 now, my hair is extremely dark brown and a mahoooosive comb over haha! What was I like!

Hair is looking nice again! I like my eyeliner here :) 

My hair is actually almost a blue-ish tint here. Darkest I've ever had it anyway!

16 here! Dyed hair reddish tint as you can see where I'm looking Happy as Larry haha.

With my gorgeous boyfriend in Brighton! Hair is quite red here- Cherrybomb by Fudge Paintbox.

Hair is short again although not as short as it seems here, it's mainly because it is curly haha. Brown again!

Browny/Reddy in both of these and growing it out. 

Back to short red hair! I'm sooo indecisive!

EXTREMELY dark hair here! Ready for my Duke of Edinburgh Gold trek haha!

This was when I truly started playing around with makeup and really getting into it. Needed my eyebrows doing though!

My gosh this is a TERRIBLE picture! But for hair growth's sake I think it needs to be included haha.

Actually quite like my hair here! Many different colours though from build up of dye.

Big thick fringe! Haha

You can't see it as much in the top picture but I had highlights here. 17 going on 18!

18th Birthday! With my beautiful boyfriend and one of my best friends :)

Rocking the ombre hair trend!

Strange brownish colour? But I think I quite like it!

Taking the plunge back into red. Had this done at a proper salon but it only lasted a few weeks!

DIY red! Using Directions Poppy Red at this point.

Red into orange? Quite faded here but the picture above is when it has first been done. Directions- Tangerine!

Back to good old red. Mixture of Crazy Colours Vermillion and Directions Poppy Red here. Loved this colour!

Longest my hair has ever been and extremely faded!

And this is how it looks, nearly 19, attempting to get it back to brown.

It has actually been really fun doing this, I forget how many colours it has been. I must admit though I do tend to sway between brown and red! If you have managed to get to this point, I would like to thank you for putting up with my many pictures and stupid captions. I just thought that rather than a cheesy intro post, maybe a hair one would be good? So we can journey together through the ever-changing colours and cuts!

Again, thank you for reading this first post I hope you will like my many ramblings to come.
I bid you farewell!
Emily xxx