Saturday, 14 September 2013

ELF Haul! I'm not addicted, promise.. Swatches, Reviews and Ranting

Helloooo everyone! Hopefully soon my blog layout is going to be updated so I apologise for any bits which might be under construction while you are browsing.

Anyway! ELF made me do it. Again. You probably think I am obsessed with this brand but I can't get over the price/quality of their products! You must try them! These are a few picks I have anyway and most of them I would definitely repurchase.

To start off with, I am going to review the Studio Bronzer in Cool. I don't use bronzer very often because I feel like it makes me look orange. With that said, I actually really like this bronzer and will use it to contour my face. It is buildable so if you like that more pronounced cheekbone look, it is doable, but it is also a good little palette for us ladies who don't like to look too bronzed. It also has a lovely highlighter (number 1) which looks good when used on the top of your cheekbones. This little gem is only £3.75 so it's extremely worth it just to try it out. All in all, 3.5/5.


The next product I bought was the Studio Complete Coverage Concealer. I read a lot of reviews online before I purchased this and most of them were extremely negative, talking about the smell of the product and the lasting power. It does have a bit of a smell, but unlike most of the rubbish reviews I don't think it's too bad. I think people just love to complain, you are paying £3.75 for 4 concealers, what do you expect haha?! It's not the best quality, but it's not too bad as you can combine the different colours to get your perfect colour concealer and I think this works best for evening out skin tones such as redness and is also quite good to cover undereye circles. All in all, I would give this 3/5. Not the best concealer in the world, but the price and choice of shades is fab!


The next product I got was the All Over Colour Stick in Pink Lemonade. I really love this little stick and think it looks lovely both on the cheeks and lips. It is a very shimmery berry colour on the lips with hints of pink flecks and on the cheeks it gives a 'flushed' look. I wouldn't however use it on my eyes (you can do, but it feels a little greasy and doesn't last long at all) but again for £1.50 this is a steal. Much easier than applying blusher, just two little swipes on the apples of your cheeks and blend in with your fingers. 4/5!

Also, I just noticed in the picture I edited the name is wrong, it is the All Over COLOUR Stick, not cover, sorry guys! The cover stick is another item which is a concealer. Sorry for the confusion :)


This is one of the products I was most looking forwards to trying, but am sadly a little disappointed in. French Lace is a beautiful colour when swatched; a gilded gold/cream colour which would initially look lovely as the eye colour underneath an eyeliner flick for a vintage 1950's look. However, when I actually came to use this on my eyes, the lasting power is RUBBISH. I know it's only £2.50, but even if the colour lasted a couple of hours that would be better than nothing! I wore it to work and within half an hour the colour had disappeared as though I had sweated it off. I even used Urban Decay's primer underneath which did absolutely nothing. I will however give this a 2/5 as I have used it as a pretty successful eyeshadow base as the finish is quite sticky so it made my neutral eyeshadow last a little longer. Disappointed in this formula ELF!


This is one of the most surprising purchases for me as I bought it on a whim, not having many nude lipsticks in my make up bag. When I actually applied it onto my lips, I realised that I absolutely love this colour! It is the typical ELF lipstick formula, not having a long lasting power, but I don't mind reapplying lipstick throughout the day anyway. It is a gorgeous nude peach colour and is a good introduction into the 'barely there' make up. For £1.50, I would repurchase this till the cows come home! 4.5/5, everybody go and buy one!!


This was another really surprising purchase for me, the ELF Plumping Lip Gloss in Ruby Kiss. I have only had 1 plumping lip gloss in the past which I unfortunately lost while I was running for the train (Urban Decay Big Fatty, don't ask!!) which used to sting my lips like CRAZY therefore I went off them. However, now my eyes have been opened to this little beauty, I will definitely be buying more! The plumping (clear) side doesn't hurt at all, more of a minty freshness on your lips and is a beautiful shimmery gloss used all on it's own. When layered over the top of the clear side, the Ruby Kiss colour is beautiful! A really lovely berry red with speckles of glitter throughout (but not too much so you feel like barbie). The plumping action actually really works too! I definitely noticed my lips were bigger than before, and for £1.50 you should buy the whole collection! 5/5 for this beauty! 

 Now I think this was the product I was MOST looking forwards to trying while I waited for Mr Postman to kindly deliver my little goody box. It has been raved about in the beauty world, and I wanted to try the eye-catching shade Encore as I feel I need to be a little bolder in make up than I am usually. It is a gorgeous bright fuchsia shade which when I first tried it (shown in the pictures below) was quite difficult to blend out and not make myself look like Coco the Clown. You literally need the tiniest drop on your hand, and even then it's probably too much! You can see on the second swatch on my hand where I blended it out just how powerful the colour is, I actually only used this patch to cover my cheeks AND lips, so had to wash the massive blob of product off :( *hates wasting product*.

It's quite difficult to get the exact amount you need because as I say it's so concentrated, but once you get used to using the pump it is fine. I also recommend pumping the product onto a clean surface such as a little mirror which has been sanitised. I think this is an absolutely beautiful colour and lasts all day/night, so for that as well as the amazing price tag of £3.75 I would buy the whole collection and give this a whopping 5.5!
Another top tip, apply with a stippling brush to get the best flushed cheek effect.


 The last two products I bought as a last minute thing were these nail polishes in Smokey Brown and Plum which are both beautiful colours, and were only £1 in the sale! I always love the ELF nail polishes as I think they are such good value for money and last a long time if used with a good top coat. 4/5!

£1 usually £2.50

£1 usually £2.50

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Would you like to see more hauls in the future?
Have any of you tried these products?

Let me know your thoughts! :)

Sorry for the lack of posting, I have been extremely busy with sorting out my gap year from Uni *eek!* but will hopefully be more regular again soon :).

Thank you for reading!


  1. Fab haul lovely. I absolutely love Nostalgic, it's defo one of my favourite nudes. I'm also a fan of Encore, it's gorgeous and looks great on your lips! Raspberrykiss xo

    1. Thank you! Yeah it's such a beautiful nude :) and good to buy if it's your first nude :). Thank you so much! It is really lovely as both a blush and a lip stain :) xxx

  2. great haul! I was completely blown away by their nail polishes; really great quality for the price. Smokey Brown looks lovely!

  3. Great haul! I love the elf concealers!
    Follow me back? Trying to reach 200 followers....
    -Jenna <3