Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Review/Before and After Pictures- LOVE this stuff!

Hello everybody! Since my last mascara post was so negative and critical of Benefit's They're Real, I have found a saving grace!!! Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl.

Before popping into boots the other day I had never seen this Dior mascara before. I have heard of the Dior Iconic and Dior Extase but not the Overcurl version, and as soon as I saw the curved brush the sales lady had already sold the mascara to me. I must admit it was quite difficult parting with £23 but because I was so disappointed with the Benefit one and I desperately needed a new mascara, I did. I am SO glad I bit the bullet and bought it!

Happy happy!

This is the packaging 
As I said in the last mascara post, packaging isn't usually the first thing I look for in a make-up product but I do really like the packaging of this. A major plus of the design is that the lid actually clicks when you turn it as tight as it will go. This may have no purpose whatsoever but it makes me think the mascara may not dry out as quickly. As said above the brush is curved, almost a 'spoon' shape which tapers off at the end. It has no extra attachment used to grab the little hairs in the corner of your eye but I find this brush does that anyway.

The best technique I have found to apply it is by twisting the bristles against the base of your eyelashes THEN pulling it up and out. You are supposed to brush your eyelashes with the brush the way up shown which I do to start off with, but then I turn the brush around for the few final strokes so it's parallel with the shape of my eyelashes which in my opinion gives maximum volume.

 Below are my very none curly sparse eyelashes... (And veiny eyes, yet again I'm sorry! I don't know why they are so veiny hahaha!)

And below are my lashes that haven't been curled, with two coats of mascara. You can see how much the mascara has stretched and thickened my eyelashes without ANY clumping. I absolutely ADORE this mascara and you can see why!

So you can see how why I want to rave about this product. It is the best mascara I have ever used. My eyelashes stay like this ALL night (and day if I am being too lazy to wipe it off!) but comes off very easily with either a baby wipe or eye make up remover. I have been using it for around a week now and have experienced no running or fall out (unless my eyes are watering, but that's a different story. This mascara does not claim to be a waterproof one so I'm not fussed about that aspect). 
Below are pictures of the mascara used with full eye make up. In other news I have had all my hair chopped off! It's only as long as down to my collar bone now so it feels so healthy as I have had a good 3 inches cut off. I am so dressed up because it's me and my boyfriend Daryl's 4 year anniversary today so I have made us a lovely meal and I'm just waiting for him to come round now :D

 Overall: 5/5 for this mascara!
I would DEFINITELY recommend anyone to try this mascara. I even tried it on my mum who has very little eyelashes to work with and are extremely short but it brought hers out and made them look lovely too! So please please if you can get your hands on it then do.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! And also have a brilliant weekend as I am off to V Festival this weekend so I won't be posting again until after next Monday!

 Bye bye! :)


  1. You have stunning eyes, seriously. You stare into my soul haha! Love the mascara, looks like it's really great, definitely would buy it!!

    xx from

    1. Thank you so much! You are too too kind :). Yes definitely buy it!

      You will love it! :D


  2. i have the dior extase and i loveee it ! but after this review i shall consider this one instead :)
    Great review Hun.
    excited to meet you tomorrow :)

    Alex ox.

    1. Yeah my sister has that and she loves it too! I think Extase is better if you need more volume and Overcurl is better if you already have the volume but you just need the curl :)

      And aw I can't go :(! But I will definitely see you at the next one! :)