Friday, 23 August 2013

Autumn/Winter Beauty Wishlist

Hello again fellow bloggers!
I haven't blogged since last week as after my anniversary I went to V festival and since then everything has just been hectic with University and a driving test! (Which I inadvertently failed. I honestly think I should just give up and ride my dogs around hahaha).

Like this? ;) I am clearly the best photoshop editor ever!

Anyway! Back to the actual intended post haha. So this is my wishlist for the coming Autumn/Winter season.

1. Benefit High Beam 
Now I am an avid Benefit make up user and I know this is an old classic, but I have never actually had it. It is just one of those products where I have always wanted others more, however now I really want to get in on the hype. I have seen it's highlighting properties from reviews on blogs and it looks absolutely amazing! It really does give you the model 'luminous dewy look' which I really desire. When I next have money to spare this will definitely be my first purchase and I shall definitely do a review/swatch post.

2. Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster
Beauty bloggers all over the world have been raving about this product for a while now and I really would like to try this product. For those of you who must have been living under a shell not to know what this is, basically these savvy-minded geniuses have come up with a face cream that contains hyaluronic acid which penetrates the skin for optimum hydration. This beautiful little molecule can hold up to 1000 times it's weight in water which apparently has been clinically proven to provide "an increase in elasticity of up to 27% and a decrease in surface roughness by as much as 10%" by attracting water in the air to your skin almost like a magnet. It has so far had rave reviews and although I have combination-oily skin, I do have an extremely dry forehead and cheeks so hopefully this would sort my problem out. If you think this miracle worker can't get any better, it is currently on sale in Boots (!!!!) reduced from £24.99 to £16.66. If you haven't been persuaded to try it out by now, I don't know what else I can say!

3. Mac Lipstick in See Sheer
I only have a couple of Mac lipsticks however the ones I do own, I absolutely love! I also adore sheer lipsticks as they can be worn lightly for a slight tint or layered for a really dramatic lip, and this ticks all the boxes. From the swatches I have seen this colour is an absolutely beautiful coral toned red lipstick which is a gorgeous berry crush colour. This is definitely on my to-buy list as I think the best colours for Autumn/Winter are dark and rich coloured reds, compared to Summer when I think bright reds and pink lips are in. 

4. Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil
This is another product I have seen reviewed online and have been impressed by people's opinions on it. I am an avid reader of Caroline Hirons' blog and she implicitly talks about how bad mineral oils are for your skin which are found in many cleansers which can clog up your pores and make oily skin even oilier. This cleanser doesn't contain any mineral oils and although is on the higher end (compared to Simple or Olay) it would most definitely be worth the price for the care you get. As another bonus it completely removes all traces of make-up so I could skip that step in my skincare routine!

5. Mac Nail Lacquer in Deep Sea
I have been eyeing up this nail polish for a while now but couldn't bring myself to spend £11 on it, therefore it is still in my beauty wish list. This deep emerald blue-green shade is PERFECT for Autumn/Winter and will look beautiful worn alone on the nails. Perhaps this will have to be a purchase when I have some spare cash :) and have a little splurge.

6. Narciso Rodriguez For Her
I had a whiff of this perfume a while back in New York and it was a decision between either buying this or Mac's Turquatic (which smelled amazing too!) so I ended up getting the Mac one. I now however am running low on that so this is definitely my next perfume purchase. If you haven't smelled it yet, get down to your local Boots or Selfridges and try it! It is an absolutely GORGEOUS scent which is described as having "Top notes of rose and peach. Heart: amber and musk. Base: patchouli and sandalwood." and is a very sexy, night time scent.

I hope you enjoyed this latest post. Do you own any of the above items on my wish list? Does anyone disagree? What products are on your wishlist? :)

Thank you for reading guys!


  1. Benefit High Beam looks gorgeous! I haven't tried it either, but I'm glad it's more of a cool-toned luminizer. I think it would look great on you as a highlight :)


    1. Thank you lovely! Yeah I would prefer a cool toned highlighter as I think it gives a more refined look where warm toned highlighters look better for everyday make up.

      We shall both have to get it! :D