Thursday, 15 August 2013

4 Years Anniversary with the Boy!

Hello again everyone!

Just thought I would do a little personal post today and let you all know that it was mine and Daryl's 4 year anniversary yesterday! I had an absolutely lovely night :D

I wanted to do something romantic and special so I decided to cook us a meal. For starter I made Franks Red Hot Buffalo Wings on a packet of 10 chicken wings I bought from Tesco which were absolutely delicious and crispy! All you do if you want to make them is marinate them in the sauce overnight then pop them in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes/a little longer if you want the skin crispy. Easy!

Then for the main I made sweet thai chilli king prawns fried in a pan served over a salad with mohito sauce (found here- it is the best sauce ever!!!!) with a lemon meringue pie for afters. Mmmm! I wanted to make chocolate eclairs too but my choux pastry turned out rubbish for some reason so I had to scrap those :(.

All in all though, it was a delicious meal :D! Then after we sat down and watched the new episode of True Blood and the film Pitch Black.

"Take a nice picture!"

Hahaha I only noticed his face after I took the picture -.- boys eh!

Eating our starter haha :D

I hope you enjoyed reading this little personal post anyway :) a bit different from the usual ranting and raving!

Speak soon :D


  1. Hi Emilyyyy :)

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award :D
    I hope you have the time to answer the questions and let me know your reply !
    Check it out on my blog :)

    Alex ox.

    1. Thank you lovely! Will check it out now :)


  2. Awww you guys are too cute! Its mine and Nathans 4 year anniversary next feb i cannot wait to plan something for it :)

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I can imagine :D it is so exciting!