Monday, 21 January 2013

Love Love Love

So for my first review, I thought it best to do one on my most recent purchase- a Topshop lipstick in "Infrared" :).
If you read Zoella's blog ( then you will know she has raved on about this lipstick for a while. I happened to be near a Topshop and thought I would nip in for a little retail therapy ;). I am not usually one to wear extremely bright lipsticks such as this coral-orange but recently I am trying to become more experimental with make up colours rather than going for the same old same old!

So yeah, enough rambling! This is what the tube looks like and the actual lipstick. 

I think the casing for the lipsticks are lovely, they feel almost like a cardboard kind of material, very transportable. The only downside is how dirty they get after being in my make-up bag- with eyeshadow fallout everywhere and other powders etc in the bottom, the packaging gets dirty very easily.
I think the label on the bottom quite accurately shows the colour of the lipstick, although the actual swatch is more coral I think than orange.

L-R: Natural lip colour, Infrared lipstick applied, Colour pay-off against my skin
Please excuse the last photo I know I haven't got any other make up on and my hair badly needs dying! I just thought it would be better to see the lipstick against my natural face :).
So as you can see my natural lips are a fairly pink colour, and with the lipstick on they are definitely a coral orange. The colour as described on the Topshop website is orange-red, which I think you can see. However maybe the lipstick against my lips is more coral than red because of my natural colour?
I'm not sure. Whatever it is, I do think Infrared is a gorgeous colour which is going to become one of my HG products! Especially in the summer ^.^

The staying power for Topshop lipsticks I must say is A-MAZING! Not including eating and drinking, this would last for a good 4 hours maybe more. The other lipsticks I own are the same, although Brighton Rock is more of a matte colour hence lasts slightly longer. The main selling point with this lipstick for me is the fact it doesn't cling to dry patches on my lips. It is an extremely moisturising lipstick as advertised but very pigmented which is a big plus! It means you can either sweep it on for a more everyday look or layer it thick for a statement/going out look. No matter what routine I try whether it be apply vaseline/carmex/other lip care products and regular exfoliation or using actual moisturiser, my lips are ALWAYS dry and cracked. I really don't know what it is.
Can anybody with a similar issue please suggest anything?

These are the other two lipsticks I own!
The other two Topshop lipsticks I own, L-R: Beguiled, Brighton Rock, Infrared

Beguiled and Brighton Rock
I will continue to buy Topshop lipsticks and Infrared is definitely a repurchase for me!
Would anybody like me to review these two?
What are your experiences with Topshop lipsticks, either good or bad? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. I saw the infared on a lot of zoella's video's, however always questionned wether or not to purchase it, however after a second good review i think i might, but i agree deffinatly more of a summery shade!

    1. Yes you definitely should :)! It will be gorgeous to wear when the weather hopefully gets better and it's a shade I think would suit every skin tone which is a super bonus!


  2. Those are gorgeous colours! I really want to try a Topshop lipsticks, I've heard some amazing things


    1. Yeah you should! They really surprise me everytime I buy one as I can't get over the fact they are a high street clothes shop with such an amazing line up of make-up!

      I really do love Infrared :) I would recommend it to you!